Hello. Looking for new Vita friends.

Discussion in 'New User Center' started by Interrupted, Oct 19, 2015.

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    First off, I love my PlayStation Vita.
    I'm looking for Vita gamers to be PSN friends. I want to try the social side of things, like messaging and messing around in games with voice chat. I just feel like using the Vita to its fullest. I own a bunch of games so there's something to play. I also own a PS3 and plan to get a PS4 by next year.

    About me: I'm a guy. Full time college student. Favorite game is Galaga. Favorite series is Silent Hill. Member of the silenthillforum. Have a Tumblr and a YouTube channel.

    Just shoot me a friend requezt and a little message about ya so I can respond to something.
    Hope to get a friend or two.

    My PSN is Interrupted
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    Welcome to our forums! Feel free to add me: TYLERxDURDEN.

    Haven't booted up the Vita in a little while but may be trying me some Freedom Wars soon.

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