(PS Vita) Destiny of Spirits

Discussion in 'Com. Reviews' started by chichi, Apr 22, 2014.

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    I downloaded this game on day one release since it's free to play.

    Story. Almost non-existent
    there really is no story. the game just tells you that the world is in danger and you need to free certain areas. but having no story in a free to play game is okay with me. Then again you wouldn't expect candy crush or flappy bird or any other F2P games to give you a deep story that will question your morals and decision making right? but i was hoping that they could have put a summon "story description" (e.g. T-rex Metal Summon. This creature used to be the king of it's land until blah blah blah make up story for us to read.)

    Gameplay. Okay for a free-to-play
    Tutorial is good, it tackles all aspects of the game from how to fight the battles up to how to hunt for summons effectively.
    you click you character... you select which enemy to attack... and for variety you can select skills during battles. sounds simple right?
    You don't get experience by fighting, instead you can acquire summon stones (to summon creatures) and another kind of stone (the blue ones) so that you can merge creatures and level them up.
    Well there's also the element (water>fire>metal etc...) system, the blessing system (1. for darkness vs light summons advantage; 2. to see if you will get more summon stones or the blue stones).
    You heal your characters over time. or if you are a filthy rich kid then just buy your way out of the waiting misery.

    Art Work. Cool,cool cool cool
    Character Designs were beautifully done, plus the variety of summons you can have makes the gotta summon em all kind of exciting.
    Common summons gets the character designs they deserve. they are simple looking and does not look intimidating at all. Rare and Super Rare summons are designed to look powerful.
    During boss fights the bosses are bigger on the screen so you will know which enemy to focus.

    Extra sidenote
    *You need to be online to play this game. You can add friends from all over the world.

    * They have a scheduled maintenance, depending on your region, and they have had a ton of maintenance aside from the scheduled maintenance. But they always make up for it by giving some form of reward if they had maintenance.

    *Trophy list forms a cool picture. It doesn't have a platinum trophy.

    *it's free to play which means it has some sort of buy-something-and-you-will-be-better-than-everyone-else mechanism also. But you can't abuse it since the summons you can get are still based on how lucky you can get with you summonings

    *if you travel a lot then you can take advantage of the Hunt menu. Just be sure to always point the compass to the luckiest direction.

    Overall i would score it as The Batcow to the Batman Family (see... it's not even the Robin or Alfred not even Gordon).
    It's a good game to boot up once in a while, especially if you get tired of playing and grinding your main vita game.
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    Online only? Boo. My Vita is incredibly selective about whose wifi it uses. I remember the beta being a lot of fun, but I'm surprised that they didn't seem to improve the final version very much.

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