PS4 GTA MotoRacer Event Weekend Livestream

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    Feb 18, 2015
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    GTA MOTO RACER brings the excitement of motorcycle racing to grand theft auto online and is essentially two racing games in one. showcases both dirt and street bikes, with tracks that fit each bike's racing style. Dirt bikes can race in a typical motocross stadium, which offers plenty of moguls and dirt ramps. In street racing, you'll go to more exotic locales, peeling out and burning rubber in a jungle setting and trying to figure out the best way to negotiate the curves of the Los Santos. Also included is a gta
    mode, which lets you go full throttle against a friend in head-to-head competition. So strap on your helmet and get ready for some intense dirt bike and street racing action with GTA MOTO RACER. Join in on this weekend GTA Moto Racer RM.jpg

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