Bad Gamers Ep. 68: T-Bone Strikes Back

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    Watch Dogs Seasoned T-Bone

    He does look like Rob Zombie. It's not like I'm excited about the game anyway, but... seriously? It's a little bit soon to announce specific DLC. This is one of the gaming trends that bothers me more than any other, "Hey, let's tell you what we're selling you after the game comes out. We're giving you a rottweiler that look like Rob Zombie... if you blow $20 sometime after this game comes out." No thanks. I don't plan to buy this game, but if I did, T-Bone and friends wouldn't be a thought. I'm with Chandler on this: give me actual expansions to the game. At least on Assassin's Creed 4, I got Freedom Cry.

    T-Bone wants a Durango 95 in Drive Club.

    Drive Club ...
    I don't know what to think of this game. I don't know what's going on with it. All I know is that it's delayed for almost a year, and I was actually looking forward to having a free PS+ racing game when I bought my PS4. I'm not a huge racing fan, but they're nice for when you have friends over. Killzone, Knack, ACIV, and Tomb Raider are not fun for when you have friends over. Oh, and neither is Flower, unless you're drinking.


    Fanart via DeviantArt

    Sports Games
    Madden '15 is coming out and I'll get it for $2 used at GameStop this time next year if it looks interesting to me. Just kidding. I'll get it new for $5. I do like the idea of console exclusive players making it to sports games, though. I would love to play an NHL game with Kratos or a football game with T-Bone... Those ideas would make sports games seem more appealing to me.

    Light Dimmer Update???
    I can't believe people were complaining about dimming their DS4s. Of all the menial things to complain about, seriously? No. No. No.

    Coding a Controller to a Single Account
    Maybe Chandler and D'yani should get DS4 decals to differentiate their controllers. Mo'nin Woo'd ftw!!!

    HDCP Off / Enhanced Streaming
    Turning HDCP off isn't a huge deal for me. I don't have a capture card, but I feel like that would be an awesome way to do a site rip from Netflix.
    Enhanced streaming stuff sounds like a good idea. I hate that the streamers can't always see what I'm saying, so this is quite welcome. The grief reporting is welcome, too, but I'm wondering how this is going to be moderated, or if it will be moderated at all. I've also watched some of the stupid shit from the Playroom (like a basic-looking blonde girl talking to her dog and telling people to quit watching her stream while they keep begging her for a flash or to engage in some beastiality; also the forever alone guy who looks like the singer of Staind, watching UFC and eating chips with his PBR).



    I'm looking forward to the Mo'nin Woo'd gameplay clips on Youtube. This is what the PSLS Youtube channel needs! Now you guys can save shit via USB and show us your legitimate criticisms for reviews while getting torn apart in comments. :-D

    Pre-Download Function
    I rarely preorder things from the PSN, but I've had good luck with the play-while-you-download feature on PS4. I mean - I've only tried to use it once. When I bought my PS4 on launch day, I downloaded my preorder of Killzone: Shadow Fall (yeah, I can't believe the PSN worked either, but it did). Like Dan was saying with BF4, it KZ:SF downloaded the first bit of single player and queued the rest for download while I enjoyed my new game.

    DS4 via Remote Play
    I'm guessing this is for the people who bought docks for their Vita? Meh.

    Update Predictions (not necessarily a wishlist)
    1.75 - PS Now compatibility update
    1.80 - 3D blu ray / some other multimedia support
    1.90 - More multimedia support / maybe enhanced browser (doubt it)
    2.00 - 4k playback
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    Yet another great tear down of the Podcast this week. I enjoyed what we had to talk about this time around. I thought it was going to be a shorter episode and it had a lot going for it.
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    Next weeks PSLS Live should be one game of MLB: The Show. @Dan Oravasaari vs. @Chandler Wood with @stolenxnametag as an announcer. I'd pay money to watch that o_O

    Btw, I love the addition of the light bar dimmer. It makes a HUGE difference.
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    I love these break downs.
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    That would be hilarious!

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