Dualshock 4 or Dualshock Forgotten?

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What's your take on Dualshock 4 technology vs generic controls?

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  1. All controllers should function the same.

  2. Dualshock 4 tech should be implemented to it's fullest in every game playable on a PS4.

  3. Only Sony owned studios should be focusing on Dualshock 4 technology.

  4. Third party developers need to be more creative, using all the tech available.

  5. The additional features and functions on the Dualshock 4 aren't that important.

  6. I am fine with generic controls.

  7. I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

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  1. Hybrid Extreme

    Hybrid Extreme PSLS Level: Newbie

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    I have a question for you. More of a concern really.

    Are the capabilities of the Dualshock 4 being ignored or underutilized for multi-platform games?

    I find myself playing games where the controls are identical to XBox One controls. And it's not an argument of whether one system is better or which has the better controller etc. Its nothing to do with the XBox One at all and it's also not part of any stupid console war debate. It just seems like the touch pad, six axis and built in speaker aren't being incorporated much into multi-platform. PS4 exclusives use the touch pad, six axis and speaker fairly well but if its a game made for multiple platforms, a more standard approach seems to be used instead of incorporating all of the available tech in each system. There are a few games where the touch pad is simply used as an extra button or to navigate a map but in general the controller's abilities are being grossly underutilized.

    In a way, it seems a bit unfair that the many creative uses for the tech in a Dualshock 4 controller are being wasted or forgotten about so that developers can make games without showing favor to any particular console maker. That or they're just not creative enough to think of ways to implement it, which I don't think is the case.

    Let me ask you, Is it Sony's fault that Microsoft doesn't have the same tech in their controllers that Sony does in theirs? Are game developers shying away from utilizing the tech in Dualshock 4 so that they remain neutral between console makers? If so, they are actually very much taking sides by remaining neutral!

    Here is what I mean by that:

    A developer decides that making advanced controls or adding more controller features for games made on PS4 would be unfair because XBox One gamers don't have the option to use those same features. In doing so, they are choosing to develop game controls that more fit the tech and abilities of the XBox One controller and its technical limitations. In doing that, they are also very much under-utilizing the abilities of the Dualshock 4 and treating the PS4 controller more like an XBox One controller. If they actually want to remain neutral as developers, they need to work with the technology provided to them by each console maker, even if that means PS4 has enhanced controller features and functions.

    I purchased EA Sports UFC when it released on June 17. The controls for it are identical to those on the XBox One. The touch pad is used as a simple button to bring up FighterNet and that's all it does. The speaker is not used at all nor is six axis technology. Remember an under-appreciated game called TimeShift ? Metacritic link. In that game you could quickly jolt one side of the controller forward to rifle-butt an enemy using six axis tech. It would have been so cool to use that same tech to perform shoulder strikes or faint punches and kicks or shake the controller (like giving your head a shake) after getting rocked to recover quicker. The speaker could have been used to receive instructions and advice from your corner during rounds. If I can think of creative ways to implement the tech in a Dualshock 4 controller while I'm writing this, why couldn't they have done it with the 2 years they had to make the game? Controls for next gen games are simple and generic. I can only hope they improve over time!

    Should developers be obligated to a certain extent to use all of the tech at their disposal regardless of which platform they are developing for? Should Sony be pushing third party devs to apply the Dualshock 4 tech more in PS4 versions of their games?

    All I'm suggesting is that developers should develop using all the tools in front of them even if it means the experience on the PS4 is greatly enhanced in comparison to the XBox One. Besides the games, we chose the PlayStation 4 because of the tech in the system and in the controller. The capabilities of the Dualshock 4 should compliment our experience playing games, not lessen them.
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  2. Lifewish

    Lifewish 중재자 Staff Member

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    I am perfectly fine with the generic controls and I do feel it should be up to the developer on whether they want to fully utilize the PS4 capabilities. However at the same time, I hope since we have the capabilities that they would be used to the best of the devs capabilities.
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  3. Chandler Wood

    Chandler Wood Get Off My Wood Staff Member

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    I love the capabilities of the DualShock 4. I don't think they should be forced in any way, but I think that there needs to be more implementation of the features. The speaker is an awesome feature, and the sixaxis features could have some great functions.
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  4. wolfehound22

    wolfehound22 PSLS Level: Newbie

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    I have no problem with generic controls. This tech is new, and as developers have more time I'd expect more functions being used. As long as exclusives use it then I'm fine.

    I'd also rather them not be forced to use it, And then have garbage half assed controls. I'd rather a developer implement them because they want to and have an idea than tack it in because they have to.
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  5. Dan Oravasaari

    Dan Oravasaari PSLS Level: Bronze Staff Member

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    I think the DS4 features should be used only when they compliment the experience.
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  6. Shawdad

    Shawdad PSLS Level: Bronze

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    I am loving the DS4 so far. I don't really like touch or motion controls so I am hoping that devs wont force me to use the touch pad or sixaxis controls. I do, however, like using the "clickable" part of the touch pad as a menu or map button. The speaker was a pleasant surprise. The first time I played Resogun, I thought it was cool how the controller announced the power-ups.

    This probably doesn't relate to the topic but I wish all developers and all games would let you map any function to any button on the controller.
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