FFXIV Carpenter Leve Crafting Tips

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    So today I got from level 22 on Carpenter to 37 on carpenter. 15 levels like 60 or so levequests, and maybe like 8 hours of crafting and running around.

    If you have Leves built up and you want to level you really need to get Carpenter up this is what I recommend.

    First of all use lumber to get a good deal of exp. You'll need the lumbers anyway.

    Make items and (if you are leveling botanist) make tons of lumber. at least 1 full stack of each lumber. That will be 297 or so logs. You can also buy some of the lower level logs. Crystals will be a problem if this is your first crafting job. So get shards off of mining or botany. Or go around joining every guild you can for 50 of each shard type.

    If you want to you can set your homepoint to Bentbranch and every time you need to go to Gridania you can take a Chocobo (doesn't hurt if you are leveling botany in that area anyway for some of the lumber comes from around that camp.)

    There's a levequest there called Shielding Sales. It gives about 12k exp. Which is really nice but the trip is annoying. You can Chocobo porter back for cheap but it's more of just making sure to have the leve quest on at all times, so you can turn it in at Gridania, when ever you need to swing by, and then you can teleport back out to bentbranch to get it again.

    Bentbranch ---> Gridania
    Shielding Sales
    1 Ice Shard
    1 Wind Shard
    2 Bronze Rivets
    1 Ash Lumber

    You'll also have to use a War or Magic Discipline to unlock the leves past level 15.

    Once you hit 20 you're golden. Hopefully you have a lot of leves wasting space because you'll want them now.

    Get as much Walnut Logs and make as much lumber as you can.

    You'll be getting like 20k a turn in from a quest where it's about 10 seconds jog from where you get the levequest. For a while you'll get a level every 3 minutes or so.

    Wall Not Found
    2 Wind Shard
    3 Walnut Log

    Next one you want to do a lot of unlocks at level 25

    If you have plenty of Elm Lumber do this one too

    Storm of Swords
    2 Ice Shard
    3 Wind Shard
    4 Obsidian
    2 Elm Lumber

    There are also a lot of really good mining and Botany Levequests there. You'll be seeing Quarrymill a lot if you level up everything.

    At 30 you can do these. The first one is a fairly short run back and fourth. Exp is worth it. 35k a bow or so.

    An Expected Tourney 3 Ice Shard
    3 Wind Shard
    1 Steel Ingot
    1 Beast Sinew
    2 Ash Lumber
    1 Oak Branch

    New Gridania ------> Costa De Sol
    Knock on Wood
    3 Ice Shard
    4 Wind Shard
    2 Wyvern Obsidian
    1 Walnut Lumber

    This one I recommend if you have a Security Token. The reason why is because you can set up 1 home point, and you can set up 1 free teleport. That will allow you to quickly move back and fourth and for free.

    At 50k exp a turn in it will be worth it. Wyvern Obsidian was like 2gil a pop. So of course i bought whole stacks. This is the one I'm going to be grinding a lot on soon. If you want to you can do

    Flintstone Flight if you dont' have a security token to reduce costs. It's a level 35 leve though.

    I did

    A Tree Grew in Gridania4 Ice Shard
    4 Wind Shard
    1 Brass Ingot
    1 Cotton Yarn
    1 Oak Lumber
    1 Growth Formula Gamma
    1 Scalekin Blood

    But I have all the mats from leveling up the other crafting jobs. It's good exp though. 42k a turn in and with a short trip in the same area for both NPCs.

    I'm still working out how I want to do the last bit.


    That's the resource I'm using atm.
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