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Discussion in 'Ask PSLS' started by Spycke83, Aug 12, 2014.

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    In my opinion it's because kids are raising kids, and parents can't be parents because they're too busy working too many hours and jobs to be able to raise the kids, and they came from a "Do what I say or else" generation, and went to the new "Positive Reinforcement Parenting" paradigm, and because it happened so quickly.

    So parents are trying to hit their kids as little as possible, after getting hit all the time. So parents are just constantly trying to reinforce their kids egos and independence, but they are having the kids so young, they haven't lived long enough to really understand how to do it, they lack the knowledge of how to best reinforce your kid, with positive, and negatives.

    I mean face it if I was a parent "grounding" a child I would certainly be flipping off a circuit breaker in their room. You basically have to ground kids from their rooms now a days because they have so much entertainment value in their room what is the point of grounding them. Better off grounding them to the living room, or the laundry room. XD
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    Gardening is good way to ground a child. :D
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    The problem with that is that games companies are taking things off that used to come with the base game and selling it off as the premium upgrades. Ok we take it too far and tend to assume all DLC is designed to rip us off, just recently Bioware gave us the Black Emporium for free and how did people react? It's about time, stands to reason if Bender from Futurama says something it's probably incredible selfish.

    But at the same time there are still cases of DLC being used incorrectly. What used to be neat little extras or now DLC and it's getting to some people that and it's hard to tell the difference between what could have been on the game and what was created after the game was made.

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