Happy Fourth Birthday Vita!

Discussion in 'Vita and PSP' started by Borshay, Feb 18, 2016.

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    Four years ago the PlayStation Vita launched, and while the little guy has had some trouble since its initial release, I'm still glad I was there on day 1.

    This past year I've definitely started playing the Vita less, in part because of the games that released on that platform, also in part because the PS4 started getting games that interested me.
    The games over the years have had some crazy variety. From the Uncharted, Killzone, to the Danganronpas and Freedom Wars. It's been a blast playing some of my favorite games on the little handheld that couldn't.

    These numbers don't really mean anything, but I find them neat.

    In its four years on the market the Vita has released 482 games in America.
    88 games in its first year, 102 in its second year, and 146 in each its third and fourth year.
    There was a 19 month stretch where the device had at least 10 titles release in each month. Not bad for a handheld that many of us (including myself) who didn't think it would have support this long after have such low sales.

    It'll be a little interesting as we go into the future. Sony is very unlikely to release another portable, meanwhile all signs are pointing towards Nintendo's new device being unveiled this summer. I'm looking forward to playing Danganronpa 3 and the new Sword Art Online in the future and I hope others have had as much fun with some of the Vita games as I have.
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    Feb 12, 2015
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    We're going to wish it a happy birthday on social media when the 22nd gets here (although the early launch was the 15th).

    Either way, we love the little runt!
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    Sep 14, 2014
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    Sooner or later Vita is going to "die".

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