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    As far as I know, when restoring your licenses, the remaining 10 seconds of the restoration should go down by 3 seconds or lower. Also, the number of licenses should go up by approximately 10 or 20 digits throughout the entire restoration including the end. If you watch my video below, you'll notice when the last 7 seconds of the restoration are remaining, it skips down to 1 second, then 0 seconds. During this process, the number of licenses being restored exceeds approximately 20 digits by going up by approximately 100 digits. For example, under Restoring licenses... it goes from 669/765 (7 Seconds Left) all the way to 764/765 (1 Second Left) to 765/765 (0 Seconds Left) to conclude the restoration. Watch carefully at the end of my video below and you'll see what I mean. My point is that what's happening at the end of the restoration of my licenses is really strange for me and might not be normal. The issue could be that at the end of the restoration of my licenses, it probably skips restoring the license for a specific game that I own and maybe the license for it is glitched. Do you think that this issue would go back to normal eventually or is it stuck like this? Please give me your feedback and let me know if other people had this happen to them too. Thanks :)


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