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    The review below was a copy and paste from my Steam profile, but I've added images to this review.

    Caption: The board is getting patchy.

    A rather unique game that plays like a 4X strategy mixed with shades of Populous. You play the role of a Creator who is tasked with bringing balance to the world populated by two factions, the Norse and the Greeks. As Creator, you have the ability to shape the world as you see fit by adding lakes, fields, etc, to an ever changing landscape, and to help the two factions prosper to greatness.

    When military buildings are built, they create units, and these men will move on their own to the other faction to destroy them. Your ultimate goal as the Creator is to make sure these two sides don't destroy the other completely, and no, you can't win simply by never giving the factions military based buildings, for bandits will randomly spawn in the world, and they will start attacking the cities if you don't have a military force.

    However, balance isn't one sided. In order to create balance in the first place, you must also encourage war and destruction so you have to let them duke it out and destroy some buildings or two while you watch from above and see how things go. However, if one side starts dominating the other, you must step in and bring in the balance. Does the Norse have too many infantry and are now laying waste to the world? Drop a Minotaur at their feet and watch them get themselves wasted by a bad ass bull. You could also drop some mountains and/or lakes in their path to halt their progress.

    Did I say minotaur? Each faction has their own mythological monsters that you can plop anywhere on the field (as long as you have the necessary resources) that can tip the balance if things are going to pot. Each monster has their own set of skills, and be careful when you use them because that monster might start going out of control and you'd have a new set of problems to deal with.

    Caption: Uh oh. I seemed to have went overboard with the minotaurs.

    In addition to monsters, there's also Gods that appear after a while with their own set of skills, along with various items that can do things like letting both sides be able to fly, or killing all human units on the map to get some breathing room. There's also various Woes that pop up after a set amount of turns that can really cause havoc, such as a total map change or dropping bandits near the cities.

    As mentioned before, Skyward Collapse is an unique twist on the strategy genre, and it's much harder than it sounds to balance the playing field so that you must let each side cause enough havoc to get the scores, yet also having to keep them in check to prevent total destruction and a game over. Easier difficulties aren't so bad, but harder difficulties will really test your ability.

    Skyward Collapse resembles a board game, which I'm sure is what the devs strived for. The graphics are nicely detailed, especially the various units and mythological creatures. There isn't much animation to speak of, but that's not much of a negative considering the whole board game look, and the fact it's not very important for the genre. When you start having over forty units moving on their own, the last thing you'd want would be to have them all animated. The music, which I think is just one track, is great.

    Everytime you win a game, you unlock a new building to give the game more depth/options, although if you are the impatient type, there is a cheat you can use that gives them all at the start.

    There's also co-op multiplayer for up to 8 players although I haven't tried it.

    Caption: The Norse are in big trouble.

    Any strategy fan should try out this game. This is the first game I've ever played from Arcen Games, and if this is the sort of stuff they usually make, then they're doing just fine. The only thing that really matters in a strategy game is the gameplay, and it certainly delivers.

    I haven't even tried their first addon yet, even though I have it. It adds the Japanese faction with new gods, and new buildings, etc.
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    This sounds like a game my wife would like. Maybe I can pull her away from The Sims long enough to try it. :-D

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