PSLS' Morning Wood Ep. 065: Pre-E3 Preparations

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    This morning on Morning Wood, @Chandler Wood and @D'yani are sporting a brand new sparklingly fancy PSLS microphone that's going with them to E3!!! I didn't hear Morgan in the background, so this must have been an authentic test for what we're going to see from them in 2 weeks. With that, they also talked about doubting release dates for games, secrets and surprises, vertical slicing, partying with the fans, and also asked for some feedback regarding what we want from their E3 coverage this year.

    Doubting Release Dates
    I tend to get really excited when a game that I like is announced, but I try to forget whatever date has been associated with it. Like the two of you, I'm conditioned to believe that all release dates are wrong. With developers making an effort to create buzz around their upcoming titles, they forget about the one thing that matters most, which is the base of people who are going to buy their titles.

    Drive Club's lack of launch presence really pissed me off. I wanted a first party exclusive racing game on my new console to go with my shiny new console back in November, and I didn't get it. It was promised to me, but I didn't get it. I still bought Killzone and Knack, but those weren't games that make me try to be competitive with my friends. Several people felt that way with Watch Dogs, too, and I've been reading about a lot of people who are pissed off that the game didn't live up to the hype surrounding it. My advice - don't take these people seriously until you're two weeks away from the release date.

    Secrets & Surprises
    By adding to the hype machine so much, developers forget to do some things that I miss from the olden days of E3, the surprises. There aren't that many secrets or surprises unveiled anymore because they're either leaked or tease beforehand. As an E3 purist, my puritanical ways declare that E3 sells itself with no added marketing needed. When people get there, no known things should be shown. E3 is an expo, so why not use that advantage with all of the media coverage to show off things that nobody knows anything about yet? If Sony wants to "Wow" me, then they need to show me something that I'm not expecting.


    Vertically Sliced Videos
    I think these videos are incredibly misleading, and like D'yani said, the fact that sometimes different teams make promotional materials to show nonexistent footage further kills the flame once a game turns out not looking as great as anticipated.

    On a side note, those Xbox vs PS videos are stupid, too. I have a PS4, so I don't need to know how much better it is.

    Partying w/ the Fans
    Chandler, be careful trying to party with your fans. After this episode, they now know that you secretly want to be a stripper and likely know the beers that you like. You've been warned. :D

    E3 Breaks
    @Dan Oravasaari, shame on you for forgetting pee breaks and food breaks! These Wooded folks maybe wither away if you don't provide them with their needed amenities!

    What do I want to see from E3 coverage?
    - If you must know, we all want Kaz and more Kaz.
    - If you run into the people at Bandai Namco, you should ask them if they have plans to release any new Katamari games for PS4, because I miss them.
    - Interviews with indie devs would be cool, too. Not anyone that we know about, I mean the people who nobody knows; give me some PS Mobile coverage!
    - If Q-Games are there, ask Dylan Cuthbert how long it took him to learn Japanese.
    - Those Media Molecule people are awesome, too.
    - Teach us how to beg for a FFVII remake.
    - Ask someone at Capcom if they still own Mega Man, or if that property belongs to Keiji Inafune. I think Mega Man has a place in the PSN ecosystem still, and Mighty Number 9 isn't going to have Proto Man.

    What would I ask Shuhei Yoshida?
    - Is there room at Sony for a fresh college graduate with a BSBA / student seeking work experience? If so, I graduate in August next year, and I live in NJ.
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