PSLS' Morning Wood Ep. 078: Labor Day Weekend and a Giveaway

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    On this week's quick episode of Morning Wood, @Chandler Wood and @D'yani discuss their needs to vacation in true PlayStation LifeStyle form - through the clutches of Diablo III! Also, hanging around for a couple minutes lets you see how to win some Redbox codes for free 1-day game rentals. Watch and enjoy!

    Saints Row IV Standalone DLC and Stuff
    Following a pattern that I'm kind of enjoying as of late (here and here), Deep Silver and Volition are releasing standalone Saints Row IV DLC, Gat Out of Hell, for $20 on January 27th (NA) and January 30th (EU) for PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PC. On top of all of that, they are also releasing Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for PS4 / Xbox One on the same day, which includes Saints Row IV and all previous DLC.

    I've never played a Saints Row game, but I'll keep this on my radar. Playing standalone DLC is a cool way to get to know whether or not I will enjoy playing a game, except it does not require the time and attention of the full game. I am an incredibly busy person, so this kind of deal is for me. I am also buying inFAMOUS: First Light because of its standalone awesomeness, which will scratch the itch I have to play an inFAMOUS game without making me actually have to play a full inFAMOUS game.

    Costume Quest 2
    This week at PAX, Costume Quest 2 has been given a trailer for both PS3 and PS4. I only played the first one for about 5 minutes, so I have nothing of value to add to that, except that it will be around in October.

    Ignoring Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
    @Chandler Wood refused to talk about his review for the new Hyperdimension Neptunia remake for Vita, Re;Birth1. You can take a look at his review here, and be sure to leave a million comments about how his criticisms aren't fair because he had a problem with Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. I am quite sure he will enjoy it. On a related note, I am pretty deadset on buying the game now. :D

    Redbox Free Game Voucher Contest
    Watch the video to find out. It's only a bit under 6 minutes!

    Also, feel free to donate to Team PlayStation LifeStyle at Extra Life. Chandler is leading the pack, but I'm slowly catching up. Meanwhile, @Dan Oravasaari and @ftwrthtx could really use a kickstart on their goals, too!

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