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    Well, this game is awesome. I mean it is pretty frickin' basic being an early access title and all, but is still quite fun. You have to survive against the environment and other players in a post-apocalyptic, radioactive landscape. You craft everything. And I mean everything.

    It is best to go off in some area where people don't often travel for resources. Or find clever spots in the seemingly unfit terrain for building. There is always a spot somewhere in there, I assure you. You can go hungry and die of starvation. So, you're pressed to hunt animals. But to do this you must first gather supplies with your trusty rock. Build a fire, a hatchet, a bow, etc. Get you a shelter up and running before you find a more permanent solution by building foundations, pillars, walls, ceilings, doorways, etc for a base. When you have a modest confidence built up, go out and do a run for advanced supplies in a radiated town.

    See an airplane? Go after it. Airdrops can deploy 1-3 supply crates that have goodies you won't want to miss out on. This also brings players within proximity of each other. For good or ill.

    Got a server on it if anyone wants to try it out. It is but a mere $20 on Steam. In my opinion, well worth it. You get the product completely from now until "gold" release. I'll edit this with the server IP/domain name.

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