Stand Alone Vita 2000 Coming Soon?

Discussion in 'Vita and PSP' started by Borshay, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Borshay

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    Mar 3, 2014
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  2. MakaiOokami

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    Feb 12, 2014
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    Well people could have bought a Vita T.V. for a month as a sort of stop gap to get them started. You may have been able to trade in the Borderlands 2 to Gamestop (possibly) and get some money towards a game or a memory card.

    I'm surprised that there were no Non Borderlands versions. Then again the system did get a $50 dollar price drop, better battery life, lighter, and a game packed in... They wouldn't have wanted to drop the price by a full $100 because that seems desperate.

    Not sure what they could have, should have, would be better to do. That $170 price is sexy though. Is it sexy enough...

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