What qualifies / quantifies a platinum trophy?

Discussion in 'Trophies' started by stolenxnametag, Apr 6, 2014.

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    The newest game that is confusing is Trials: Fusion. The game is being sold on the PSN for $39.99. Yet no platinum.....
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    I think it has to do with how lazy developers are.

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and Nights don't have plantinums.
    Anarchy Racing was like an $8.00 game with a platinum.
    Strider no platinum no cross-buy $15 dollars no platinum.
    Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes no Platinum $30
    Trine 1 and 2 aren't that long a games they have Platinums $20
    Home no Platinum free to play
    Free Realms and DCUO free to play with Platinums
    Asphalt Injection no Platinum

    The fact that Plants Versus Zombies on the PS3 has no Platinum but the Vita version has a Platinum is what makes me think it's based on randomness.

    The Walking Dead has a platinum. Not a hard game, not a long game. Then you look at the Wonderbook series and uDraw series. They have platinums the stand alones are relatively cheap, and they are like 4 hour platinums.

    I think the Devs for MGS4 Ground Zeroes were just like "This isn't a full MGS game, we're not going to give them a platinum for nothing, and we can't think of a reason to have them beat the game 5 times so let's just do a handful."
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    You think THAT is confusing? What about $60 dollars for Angry Birds across multiple platforms no platinum. $60 just for Angry Birds Space and no platinum. Don't try to make sense of the trophies. They can't possibly make sense outside of developer choice, and maybe Sony having the final say.

    Terminator Salvation told us that you can have a platinum with only 11 other trophies in a game. So number doesn't matter what so ever.
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