Why I might never play WoW again.

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by MakaiOokami, Feb 5, 2015.

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    Yes there is a TLDR version at the bottom. (Too Long Didn't Read, I.E. simple summary)

    I liked WoW. I liked a lot about WoW. For the longest time I played FFXI and FFXIV mostly because of the 1 character to rule them all. It was just too much of a hassle to try and craft on a character, and manage friends lists that were for each character, and try to remember who everyone is, AND their characters, it all became too much of a hassle if I wanted to work with someone. If I was on a low level character and didn't have them on my friends list they might not be logged in by the time I logged into a character that was on their friends list.

    If they needed me to make them stuff on my Paladin it might be too late by the time I log in on my Paladin unless they have my other 5 characters on their friends list. That's why I stopped playing WoW. That and because PVP was just too damn grindy at some points. When ever it was that they put the low levels with the fully geared high levels. PVP basically became impossible for you to enjoy because you'd get ganked by everyone you were essentially useless.

    Those were my problems with WoW when I stopped playing. Too many characters and PVP was too impossible at some points.

    My problem with WoW NOW is the character boosts.

    Basically if I'm suicidally depressed, or if I'm too sick or in too much pain to come into work, I can't make any progress on low level characters worth feeling good about. That has been taken away. Instead the only thing I can feel good about is, paying to level up a character (especially a level 60 character) because it takes more time to grind through all that content, (especially crafts gathering or production)

    The longer you wait to just power level a character up, the more of your time/money you're wasting. There's no "feel good" moment from the 60-90 range. Sure I guess you could take a level 1 and boost it to 90 but now you have to grind 1200 skill levels which takes a shit load more time and effort than getting 1-60 would take you just so you can START the last 100 levels in those professions.

    So let's say I pull my back muscle, and call in. I'm missing out on the entire days' worth of wages. If I can make it through the day and just spend the money I make that day on the character I can just skip a week's worth or a months' worth or longer of grinding...

    So all of the content up to this point has basically been thrown out the window.

    I think for me to ever care again WoW would have to go Free to Play.

    FFXIV costs me 12 dollars a month. That's $50 dollars paid for 6 months of subscription and an additional $24 dollars to enjoy my extra retainers which get things for me making crafting for money way easier, and hold items for me, so that I have inventory to mess around with all the jobs and get the full experience out of the game.

    With WoW it would cost me $1 more a month to play, and I'd then be tempted to dump $60 dollar chunks to get my characters capped out. Instead of actually playing the game. So I'd be spending almost 6 months worth of game time, just to skip the content I'd be getting out of that 6 months.

    I don't know if WoW would feel rewarding anymore basically. I think WoW would have to go free to play for me to care anymore. Get rid of the monthly sub, and THEN maybe I'll start playing again.

    I don't mind paying, but don't charge me for game time, and then charge me to skip the tedious low level grinding....

    Plus now when you buy the game you get ALL of the expansions minus the new one. So WoW, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, all for half the price I paid for the collector's edition of Mists of Pandaria when it was on sale for like half price...
    TLDR version
    WoW should just be Free to Play at this point. Play for free up to the end of Vanilla, pay $10 for Burning Crusades, pay $10 for Lich King, pay $10 for Cataclysm, pay $20 for Pandaria, pay $40 for Draenor with the free character boost, pay $40-60 for each character boost after that.
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    Wow that's bad.
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    Raptr says I have 900+ hours.

    Of course that shouldn't count all the hours I played before that.

    I generally start playing again when coworkers start playing again so that we can play together or if friends want to play it. Hell I've even played on those private servers where you have to modify the game and there's no monthly fee and the game's slightly modified.
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    I stopped playing WoW when I got to points where it became necessary to depend on others for help. The game was fun until then. I don't think that there is anything that could ever make it fun for me again. I spent a lot of money on a new account when Wrath of the Lich King came out, and I'm not even remotely interested in either the cost overhead or the grinding anymore. I guess that MMOs are just not for me.

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