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Discussion in 'PS4 & PS3' started by fersnake, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Hello guys, well some of you know that im a fan of Metal Gear and im opening this thread cuz im being playing this game about 4/5 days now and i though we can discuss about the things you like/dislike etc. ok, im going first.

    im gonna stat saying that this was a great game (already finish the main mission like everyone else xD) but i havent completed the game just (30/100%) and still i think it's a fantastic game prologue. that said this are my pros, cons and some other things xD.


    • Graphics (1080p/60fps) that Fox...Engine i love it.
    • Gameplay (best mgs gameplay ever, 'till TPP)
    • Sound
    • Voice Acting (except you know who)
    • Side Op Missions (with different light settings)
    • MGS again baby xD


    • Jack Bauer as Big Boss (can i woke up now please?)
    • Deja Vu exclusive ps4/ps3 mision (it was nice dont get wrong just because im giving it a con doesnt mean it wasnt good) but it would have been the best move from Kojima add the voice of David's (Solid Snake) so we can be more calm about the voice change.
    • gameplay was good but they missed a couple things like the most important thing on every mgs game (knocking the f*** walls/surface) well i leave it to TPP hope they added/fix.
    • that freaking web manual wtf? i was hoping some kind of tutorial like the one from AC1 or a VR like. and speaking of VR.
    • Why they didnt add some VR missions? that with the Deja Vu mission and damm that would have been to nice to be true but well.
    • the waiting for TPP xD.

    Not a Con

    • Short i know. but! dont call me a blind fan cuz im not xD i kinda knew from the beginning that this game was going to be short and even Kojima said that it was going to be a tutorial for TPP so i was expecting it.
    • the AI was great but not to great, cuz watching and playing in speed run mode its just ridiculous hope they add more field of view to the AI.
    • i know its a prologue but where is the extreme mode?

    Score: 8.5/10
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    Awesome thread. Moved it to the exclusive Metal Gear Solid forum for you ;)

    As for the game I truly am enjoying it. Just haven't had any time to play it honestly, or any games lately for that matter. Though I look forward to when I am actually able to play it.
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    I've put in a lot of time into it as well, I think a rating between 6 to 8.5 is fair depending on your play style and general enjoyment of the series. I've been able to squeeze out hours upon hours out of this game just by replaying missions and messing with the new AI, and I have to say that I'm mostly impressed with everything so far. My biggest complaints are mostly the absence of MGS staples such as a real codec, cigars/cigarettes, and footprints (this is MGS1, come on Kojima). Other than that I still need to get used to some of the animations, in particular I've noticed that BB has no real animation when you dive from higher ground to lower ground. Non-lethal completion is also a huge pain in the ass, as it's hard to keep track of enemies and sometimes they'll wake up while you're still hauling out prisoners. The obvious way around this is to kill your enemies, but ever since The Sorrow in MGS3 I've tried to keep my playthroughs non-lethal for any game that allows the option.

    You mean Kaz? Yeah, he totally phoned it in LIKE A FIDDLE.

    I get the fan backlash to Kiefer's performance even before anything was revealed, but to be honest I've never really been keen on the idea of Solid Snake and Big Boss having the same VA in the first place. I mean, I kind of accepted it in Snake Eater, but with the way that BB has been continuously romanticized I feel like SS and BB should've had different VAs since Peace Walker (I wasn't a fan of Hayter's performance in that one either).
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    I love GZ, I've put about 14 hours into it so far, and done everything except some of the Hard trials.

    The game looks stunning (I'm on PS4), and the gameplay has taken MGS to a new level - it's so... fluid now.
    The marking system is a great addition. As much as radars have been a staple of MGS, I've always felt they did more harm than good as you end up playing by radar, not what's in front of you.
    It feels like a genuine sandbox. All the so-called open world games always feel like big empty shells with deceptively linear missions. In GZ, the base really is a playthrough with numerous things to do, and methods to complete a mission.

    That said, my criticisms:
    - Voice acting for Kaz was disappointing, particularly in the end cutscene
    - When Big Boss wasn't on screen, but he and Kaz were talking, I found it wasn't too easy to differentiate between them
    - I sometimes found that if you were moving at speed (ie driving round quickly), enemies would just appear in front of you. Seemed to especially happen for guards you'd previously neutralised, and then gone to the other side of the base before returning - like you could move faster than the game can load everything.
    - I miss items. It's not MGS without cardboard boxes and stealth camo...
    - All the Side Ops have Kaz reminding you of the objectives pretty much constantly
    - I really enjoyed Deja Vu, but it missed so many easy nostalgia moments - "What was that noise!?", "Whose footprints are those!?", guards with dodgy stomachs etc...
    - Some of the extra story in the cassette tapes (won't spoil!) felt unnecessary and in just for shock value.
    - The trials were generally uninteresting and just felt like filler. Complete a mission to unlock a trial. Then, on Hard, complete the mission again to unlock the rest of the trials? Not great IMO.
    - Damage needs work. On normal, BB is a bullet sponge, which means you safely spray fire on multiple guards without real risk of dying. Also, it means the penalty for being caught is low, as you can just sprint away safe in the knowledge you won't die in the process. It's the same for the guards on Hard (headshots excepted)
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