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Discussion in 'PS4 & PS3' started by Ronin22222, Sep 25, 2014.

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    I thought it'd be interesting to see if the Disney Infinity 2.0 Power Disc "blind packs" are truly blind or if the contents can be identified by the UPC codes like how the Toys R Us exclusives can be spotted that way. Hopefully this'll be a nice way to find the rare discs and to avoid too many duplicates. Anyway, I only have the one pack for now that came as a preorder bonus, but will probably buy a couple more this weekend or next whenever UPS brings the game that GameStop was late on producing. Please post here what you guys find in your packs along with the UPC codes (both top and bottom numbers if possible)

    Yes, I am aware that you can buy packs, take them home, scan them unopened on the base to see what they are and return the ones you have duplicates for, but that seems like kind of a hassle

    1206460000000 (Top Number)
    71275025878 (Bottom Number)
    Odin's Horse (Hexagonal Disc)
    Gamora's Space Armor (Circular Disc)

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