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    It's kind of an important part of the Elder Scrolls series, and affects things from character interactions, stats, powers and spells, etc. I know some people who just randomly pick one and go, but others who stick to one race and play that in each game.

    I tend to fall in the latter category. My favorite race (species? Lol) would be the Argonians. I love being able to explore underwater without worrying about needing air, and their sneaking skills aren't too shabby. Argonians (along with Khajiit) tend to be the underdogs with most of the other races looking down on them, or even enslaving them. Just makes it that much more satisfying to rob somebody blind who was just sneering at me. Even since I started playing TES games (would have been Morrowind) Argonians caught my eye, for who wouldn't want to run around as a giant lizard? I would love a game set in Black Marsh someday.

    When I need somebody new to be, I tend to pick Wood Elves (or Bosmer), again because I tend to gravitate towards sneaking, bow wielding characters. Plus they are close with nature and animals, which is cool.

    I am not a big fan of High Elves, or Altmer. While they may be good with magic, I don't like their better than everybody attitudes lol. Plus, they are made out to be "bad" in Skyrim, I'm sure that has something to do with it.

    Enough of my babbling! What is your favorite race? How about your least favorite? I would do a poll, but I'd rather read reasonings and discussion :)

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