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    can somebody tell me if they have the same problem im having,Now i know this is not a tablet or smart phone but alot of conent nowadays needthe webbrowser,now idont knw about anyone else but even though they have improved the vita browser i still have major problems with it the biggest being pages not loading and having to refresh the web address constantly.Cmon sony fair enough i undestand i think the reaons for not being able to have flash even thou this being a games machine why we cant play browser based games is very frustrating we have just had two updates and by the looks nothing has been done with the browser.I think im right wen i say that this vita handheld probably is got more tech crammed in than alot of cheap tablets out there .So why do there browsers load up fine i know this because a friend of mine brought his cheapo dgm round and it worked fine it might not sound like it but i do hate moaning about anything playstation cuz i do luv it and have basically had every machine they put out anyway rant over .....

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