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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by BigPete7978, Mar 14, 2014.

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    So what's everyones thoughts on the upcoming Infinite Crisis game? A trailer was just released for the game and can be viewed below. Not sure how I feel about the game though because I have yet to see any gameplay.

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    I got into the beta in the initial launch, played it off and on for about a month. I'll first say I'm not really a MOBA fan, but it was actually pretty fun. It did get me to start playing DOTA 2 a bit, which I personally found played better (for quite obvious reasons).

    I feel the game will have it's playerbase, but I think part of what makes DOTA and LOL as popular as they are are the appearance customizations you can make to each character. I don't follow IC anymore but I don't recall seeing about them having much more than a couple skins for each character.

    One problem I did have with the game was the map. It was a capture-the-point style gameplay and the map was a giant circle. So most of the game was just running in circles with the occasional reversal once you had your full group to start a fight and didn't have the depth that other MOBAs had.

    Take all I said with a grain of salt though. Like I said, I only played for about a month during the initial launch of the closed beta (7-8 months ago?), so most if not all of what I saw has likely changed by this point.

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