Bad Gamers Ep. 65

Discussion in 'PSLS Features' started by stolenxnametag, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Borderlands Pre-Sequel
    I didn't really take the opportunity to try out Borderlands, but it seems to be really well regarded among my friends. Maybe I'll give it a shot (if it's real) if my backlog isn't too filled, but I'm sure lots of others will like it a lot. Then again - if a different team takes this on, it might become more appealing for me. Who knows?

    UFC w/ Bruce Lee
    I think this picture answers a question.

    Amy Hennig on Star Wars
    I'm super excited for a new Star Wars IP to be launched on consoles, and Amy Hennig seems like an excellent choice to be working on that story. Whatever her reasons for leaving Naughty Dog are, I'm confident that this will make up for it, or it might even be the reason she left. Cheers to her!

    Vita Pets: Roflcopter Edition
    @Lifewish should do that review.

    PS Lifestyle rant
    I think that the fact that this site exists is why many of the active readers actually care about who does what in the industry. Did I know who Amy Hennig was before hearing that she left ND? Nope. I didn't even care. When I Googled her and found out why she was important, however, that really concerned me. I'm not a huge ND fan, but I feel like she has been largely responsible for the install base of people in the PS ecosystem. That's obviously important because of how many devs treat platforms - "If lots of people have it, then it makes sense to invest our time and money into creating unique content for it." Thus, assuming her stories are what sells the awesome games that she's been making, Amy's absence from ND could theoretically cause a shrink in the PS market if she starts to create multiplatform games for another company.

    Thanks for the chaos, guys!
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    Always glad to bring the chaos! Thanks for the in-depth thought analysis of everything that we ramble on about!
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    Prof Chaos.jpg
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