VGC Episode 2

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    Alex and his MTG clone experience:
    This the story of me beta testing any fps not called Killzone. Show up, lose, repeat.

    Dan's "ride in the tank and fuck up everything" idea is solid gold! I should try that once.

    MLB14 The Show:
    I'm not a sports fan.

    Infamous SS:
    More plotholes? I would like to casually experience this game one day, but I'm really not a fan of the series.

    Amazon is on Fire:
    This is what happens when Sony forgets to launch the Vita tv in the Western world; I'm not optimistic about this device. It reeks of Kindle, and Amazon's lack of Android video streaming outside of their tablets pissed me off. Maybe this device is their justification for raising the cost of Prime. I mean, what if they launched a PS Now competitor for all Prime users, but you needed this device to use it?

    It's April, fools:
    - I miss LAMEPro, and that Pokemon AR game was a cool idea.
    - The Goat SIM sounds badass, and I would really appreciate a link to that if it's real.
    - DICE fucked up, but it's hilariously unprofessional.

    - Dan's an asshole for saying the 3DS is the best handheld, but I'll forgive him.
    - The 3DSXL rocks, and my wife loves hers. I bought it for her so she could see Pokemon games better than she could on her dsLite. If I didn't have so many Vita games already, then I would totally get a 3DS game or two to play (like Zelda or Fire Emblem or Kingdom Hearts DDD).

    My ultimate feedback - this podcast needs more livestock. Please bring sound effects next time!
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    Thanks for the opinions @stolenxnametag.

    I highly recommend at least taking the tank for a ride one time. Hell, if they leave the keys in it, they are asking you to take it.

    inFamous: SS
    If you aren't a fan of the series already, I don't think this one will change your mind.

    Amazon Fire TV
    Yeah, Amazon could be a true competitor, but I don't they have shown enough about the device to make it a concern for anyone just yet.

    Yes, yes it is real.

    Suck it Stolen :p;). I wish the Vita had better support, but it really doesn't have enough to compete with Nintendo. That said, I still don't own one, as I wouldn't have the time to play with it. But, I have used one enough, and known enough about it to know it has the most to offer at this point.

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