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    Jun 25, 2015
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    I saw this post on facebook today,

    "Enjoy Guys I tested this myself, It works..Note This is not a PSN Code generate those dont exist, This is a PSN Accounts Generate that have been cracked with sentry MBA and Complied in this program..Sometimes when U generate someone allready taken that account so just try until u get one that works and i assure u it does...Note if u change pass the owner will recover it in a matter of time, When u get a Awesome Account just log on download the games and log out...Once u download program just restart your pc to Begin use of the sweet program...Enjoy Guys it Works!!!"

    I'm not really sure what this is since I haven't used it and don't plan on using it but if it is what was said in the post then this is totally disgusting and should be forwarded to relevant authorities.
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