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Discussion in 'PS4 & PS3' started by TryndaHero, May 29, 2014.

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    I don't know how many other people will be in the same boat, but I've personally fallen in love with the online hacking feature of this game. That being said, I've done quite a lot of it thus far and thought it might be interesting to post some tips & tricks I've picked up on, as well as find out new tips & tricks from others who have found it interesting. Most of these tips will be from the perspective of the invader, as I don't have a whole lot of experience with actually be invaded yet, but I'll be glad to hear some from others.

    For the invader:

    1. Do not rush to initiate your hack. You have 60 seconds from the time you hack your opponent in order to find a good area/hiding spot. Use that time....or at the very least put some distance between you and him. The time he has to spend getting to the circle is time you get to hack with no worries.

    2. If you hack your opponent at night, Blackout can do a lot to not only enhance your ability to hide, but also just to confuse your opponent in general. It also might come in handy as a last resort escape method, should you happen to be discovered.

    3. Do not try to blend with NPCs in the game. There is a tip the game shows occasionally which suggests doing this but you really really shouldn't. A few bullets in your direction or even just a simple walk-by from your opponent will leave you exposed with nowhere to hide.

    4. Hiding in cars can work depending on the location, but that should not be your first resort. Some people don't think to check them...most people do. However, if the car is parked next to a wall or something of that nature, try hiding between the car and the wall! Much fewer people consider that possibility.

    5. Hack your opponent using cameras! It'll keep you from having to get near him at the beginning, thus less chance of you being exposed before you've even properly begun.

    6. Try to find one good spot and stay there, instead of moving around a lot. Too much movement increases your risk of exposure. However, if you know your opponent is coming your way, and you see an opportunity to move safely and unnoticed...take it! This mostly applies to situations in which you are elevated above your opponent, which is almost never a bad idea by the way.

    7. Lastly, if you know for sure you about to be exposed, run away. Its always the better choice over dying. However, this does not mean panic every time your opponent moves in your direction. You'd be surprised how often keeping your cool can pay off.

    For the invaded:

    1. Use the Jam Coms, especially if the hacking is over 75% complete. This buys you some more time to search out the hacker, and using it after 75% provides you with the smallest possible search area.

    2. Do not be afraid to cause some mayhem. Pulling out the shotgun or grenade launcher and just shooting around with it can result in exposed/dead hackers. You will attract the cops, but the reward is worth the risk in my opinion.

    Thats all I have so far. Let me know what you think, and if you have anything to add.
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    I have yet to dive into the online fully, been too busy with the single player. But I have heard great things about it. Will definitely give it a look this weekend if I get a chance.
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    Great set of tips here. I have yet to successfully make it past that 75% mark as the circle gets so small. I personally try to spend the time before hacking to recon the area first, and find a go to spot before starting anything. Also, of note, when you are approaching your target, it isn't always a great idea to pick the most flashy car and don't drive like an idiot. I have spotted invaders multiple times, simply because they pick cars that I like to drive and came in hot.

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