PSLS' Morning Wood Ep. 091: Tales from the Borderlands and Heading to PS Experience

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    On episode 091 of Morning Wood, @Chandler Wood rocked a new Pagan Min haircut and @D'yani pulled him out of his childhood nostalgia for a better look at the magic of an upcoming review. I have not written one of these recaps in a while, so wish me luck!

    Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1
    Chandler just finished reviewing Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1: Zer0 Sum, and had a great critique to go with it, praising its Borderlandsness and potentially declaring it the best Telltale Game series yet. Since it was unexpected dropped onto the PlayStation Network last week, I think everyone was a bit surprised to see it.

    I've personally never played any of these games, though I'm considering The Wolf Among Us after the long bouts of praise and spoilercastery from Chandler and @Dan Oravasaari. As I never gave Borderlands a fair shot, there is a chance that I could enjoy the Borderlands universe with a different sort of gameplay. Up next this week, Telltales Game of Thrones!

    Kingdom Hearts!!
    Chandler is working on has written a review for the newest HD port from Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. As they were discussing the review process for the game, it reminded me of how I look at games now, too. With Kingdom Hearts Final Mix from the 1.5 collection, I kept getting super excited about building Gummy Ships and collecting all of the stuffs. I did not look at it as a port as so much of it felt new to me, with added familiarity. Chandler having D'yani there to keep him on his toes during the playthrough should make this a really well done review.


    I have heard lots of people say that Kingdom Hearts 2 is the best game in the series, so I will eagerly await my copy of it as well. This will be the third time that I have bought the game, but it will be my first time actually sitting down to play it. Let's just hope that the comment section of the review is not covered in critiques about Assassin's Creed: Unity. :D

    Adventures of D'yani, Now on PS4!
    D'yani has been playing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare like it's the Sims game that she has been craving, so it is awesome to see that Chandler is going to get a second copy and play with her online. I wonder if they ever got around to picking up a second copy of Destiny to play collaboratively...?

    D'yani, I never took the time to congratulate you guys on your second PS4. I saw on PSN that you picked up a subscription of Plus, so I knew what was going on!

    Trophy Hunting + Reviews
    For reviewers who are also trophy hunters, specifically Chandler, this wave of games that has been happening for the past couple of months has been bittersweet. Chandler mentioned how hard it has been to trophy hunt while also doing PSLS reviews, such as his reviews for Far Cry 4, Escape Dead Island, and Assassin's Creed Unity.

    Chandler, I have been in a trophy slump lately, too. Instead of pummeling games into submission, I have been enjoying the swarm of games. If you need some of those reviews taken care of, let me know! I am always willing to help out if you need some extra time to trophy hunt!

    PlayStation Experience
    Next weekend, Chandler will be having a PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas that I am sure will make most of us envious. I have no clue what they will be showcasing at the event other than some competitions and some surprise announcements. Maybe David Jaffe will show up and troll everyone like he did on Twitter on Saturday!

    New God of War? No wayyy!!
    Okay, Jaffe, you got us!

    I was seriously considering making that trip, but then friends of mine helped plan a surprise trip to visit them out of town in December instead. Though I will thoroughly enjoy my pre-Christmas vacation this year, I will reluctantly be missing out on some cool Sony stuff next weekend. Good luck on your trip, Chandler, and make sure to get an interview or two about some upcoming exclusives!
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