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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Timewarp, Sep 23, 2020.

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    I've been checking GAME and other UK retailers and it looks like the UK is getting a £20 price hike on our games, we're now paying £70 for our games which is wrong to begin with but when you translate that into US Dollars (89 USD) it basically means we're paying $20 more than everyone else.

    This is insane, what does the games industry think it's doing?! There is no way anyone can afford these prices. If this is the future of gaming I'm getting an Xbox Series X and a gamepass and just getting a PS5 for the exclusives.

    I am so fed up with hearing the same stupid arguments as to how the price was always $60 and it needs to go up because of inflation or to support the devs. No it's plain greed, that's all there is to this BS. The price is going up because they think they can gouge us for more cash.

    I hate this, I can't afford to pay out £70 for every new release and this is on top of season passes and other nonsense we've seen before. I've already seen a collector's edition of Godfall that adds skins and weapons for the low price of 100 pounds.

    This is not how you bring back repeat customers, they is how you push people towards preowned games. No wonder the games industry knows so much about piracy.

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