does the trophy list affect your purchase?

Discussion in 'Trophies' started by yowzagabowza, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Online trophies can be a pain, especially if the online community has died.
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    I bought Plants Versus Zombies PS3, and there was no platinum. I wasn't sure if I should buy it for Vita (back when there were so few games) but I ended up buying it anyway and it became my first PS Vita Platinum.

    I don't get why some people get so upset if trophies have ANY effect. They shouldn't be the only and defining feature, but I didn't buy The Swapper because it was short, had no platinum and was $20 freaking dollars compared to some of the other Play games that were cheaper, and some had platinums. The Platinum kinda tells me if they think their game is a full game or not.

    I then bought the Swapper when it was on sale because it was about the same as it would have been with the Play deal... I mean it's a factor. It's not the ONLY factor, it's just A factor. I am completely surprised Infamous Second Light had a platinum. I technically didn't buy that game though I got it for trading in my Playstation Rewards points.

    If a game is $20 dollars with no platinum, and another game is $10 with a platinum... It makes you wonder why the $20 dollar game is so much, when the $10 one feels like they are saying it's a full course game, and the $20 dollar one is saying it's more of just a light snack.
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    Answer is No.

    Most important i must like to play that game first.

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