PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Unboxing

Discussion in 'PS4 & PS3' started by BigPete7978, Feb 11, 2014.

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    After a week with these I would say I'm very still very happy with the look, feel and performance of the the Gold's.

    Once I got a feel for where the buttons are on the left side everything went pretty smoothly. Whoever designed the button layout did a good job of spacing and using common sense.

    On the front of the earcup is the chat volume and on the back is the game volume, they're both big enough to be able to feel if you are pressing up or down. The mute button for the mic is located on the lower back side of the earcup, imagine pressing that soft spot behind your earlobe and you'll find the mute every time. Another button located on the upper back of the earcup is to shut off the virtual surround sound, this I didn't try using. At the bottom of the earcup are your connections for USB and headphone jack with a switch just forward of that for power setup in an off/1/2 format. I'll talk more about that later. What I don't like is that the headset doesn't let me hear myself. The other headsets I had piped my voice over the chat so that I could hear how loud I am, these don't.

    The strange thing, not bad just curious strange is that to make the headset fit different sized heads the earcups slide up and down within the headband rather than the headband having extensions to make it longer. I'm curious to see how this will hold up in the long run or if it'll be something where the headset might have problems later on. Right now it works great with both my large head and my son's normal sized head, both of us finding it very comfortable.

    Battery time is excellent and I find that they last longer than the Dualshock 4's but I just wish that they came with a longer charging cable and not the short little one. I don't play with my face resting on my PS4 Sony. The nice thing is that with my set up I can use the Dualshock 4's cable to charge these while playing, yes they do charge up while using them, probably the best part. I find myself thinking about buying a powered USB hub so I can have the headset and controller charging at the same time while playing since the second USB port on the PS4 is being used for the headset dongle. Lack of foresight on Sony's part there.

    A big part of the headset is the app you can download off of the PS Store which sits on the PS4 main screen. It's easy to use and although right now is limited in scope I can see the potential for the future.

    You first start off in the app selecting which headset you have, the Pulse Elite or the Gold's. I would like the app to remember my selection but it doesn't so you always have that extra button to press. The next screen in the app shows you the different profiles that can be loaded to the headset.

    You choose which profile you are using by the power switch I mentioned earlier, off/1/2. "Off" being well, power off. The "1" is set as what they call standard mode and "2" being bass boost mode. By attaching the USB cable to the headset you can change the bass boost mode (2) to a sound profile of your choice, it would be nice to be able to change both settings or have a third option.

    In the app there are three categories; game, movie and music with each one having a selection of different settings. For instance, in the game category there were three selections; shooter, fighting and custom with custom allowing you to adjust bass, mid and treble. Choose which one you want, with custom you edit first and save it, then upload to the headset. Last night with an update to the app a sound profile for Infamous: Second Son was added to the game category.

    Two things on my wish list for the app is that I would like to be able to upload the different profiles without having to use the cable, come on it's wireless. And I would like to be able to run the app while in game allowing me to customize a sound profile, then test it out. The way it is now I have to customize the sound, close the app, start a game, test out the sound, close the game and start the app again. MULTITASKING!

    Now if I could just get my son to remember to charge the headset or to at least shut it off when he's done so I can use it later. I blame his mother for all of this, it just can't be my fault.
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    Well said. They are definitely worth getting. And are well worth the price IMO.
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    Dammit. Now I really want these. And they were on sale for $86 on Amazon.... @D'yani almost bought them for me....
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    Dangit. I'm sad that we own a house when I see gadgets like this on sale.

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