Towerfall: A Quest for Attention

Discussion in 'PS4 & PS3' started by PolarBearTC, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Feb 21, 2014
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    So, Towerfall comes out today (right?).

    Anyone else excited about it? I know my household is. It's the first game all three of us can play together (besides Trine 2, but we've been 'done' with that since the PS3 version).

    This brings me into another vein of what it means to me...

    I am super excited for InFamous: SS, but honestly, I probably won't get to play it as much as I did the first two (not leaving the couch for an entire weekend just isn't reasonable anymore). The approachability of TowerFall makes playing it so much more reasonable considering my schedule and responsibilities. I wonder if this is Sony's plan, too.

    For instance, the Wii took the casual market by storm. The PS4 may not be as casual, but the number of Indie games like TowerFall greatly outnumber the core titles/franchises. And I know there are more games coming, but besides the multiplatform games, there's aren't many PS exclusives announced - not like there are Indie titles.

    I wonder if TowerFall's hype (and incredible reviews) helps draw in the former Wii crowd away from the WiiU. I have a WiiU, and after beating Mario 3D World (and getting all of the stars) I don't think I've turned it on. I've been playing Warframe (and Killzone) a lot lately, but DeadNation is surely keeping my attention, too.

    I plan on getting Titanfall for PC, I'm playing Warframe on both PS4 and PC, and InFamous is around the corner. But I am most excited for TowerFall, and I like that.
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    I do really want it, but I don't have anyone to play with at home. I know it's faced paced, but I still wish it had some online.
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    I was kind of excited for it. Tend to go in blind on a lot of these indie titles. Been enjoying it so far, but...

    ...the lack of online is really killing my hype of the game for this very reason. It's difficult to get people together for something like this so I haven't had the chance to try out multiplayer yet. Always find myself playing Awesomenauts or Dead Nation instead.

    Nintendo's doing a decent enough job keeping everyone away. No reason to single out that group.

    Nah, seriously though, I don't really see this happening. To be frank a lot of the Wii's sales were because the system became a huge fad. It wasn't inherently bad (not my cup of tea, but that's another subject of discussion), but it was the fact that Nintendo had managed to capture lightning in a bottle with that console. A lot of costumers like that have very little to no brand loyalty, so I see them jumping to mobile before PS4. Candy Crush and all that other horrible stuff.

    It's sad, really. Been the same for me. 3D World is fantastic but I'm just done with the title at this point. Trying to motivate myself to purchase and play through the new Donkey Kong Country game but I'm just so burnt out on platformers at the moment. In a fifteen month period Nintendo has released four of them, and then there are third parties and indies to take into consideration.

    The way things are going I can't see myself getting much use out of it until the end of the year. Maybe a bit of Mario Kart, but Bayonetta 2 and SSB4 are gonna be the big ones for me. Really want to get my hands on Little Mac.

    I can see why. It's a great game, it just is lacking some things that detract from the experience for me. In general indies have been blowing everything away in terms of how much enjoyment I get out of their games versus most retail titles that are currently available on PS4.

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